Scar's guides *Updated*
Scaramang has uploaded a page of tutorials he is working on, these aren't complete yet but are looking very nice with detailed pics. Currently he has opening the xbox, installing the modchip and flashing the bios.


*Update* He has added a new hd installer tutorial.
Firefox 0.9 released
Just installed the latest version of this web browser and its great. Download now from the official site and check the tour of the new version posted below. If you still use Internet Explorer grab this now.


Site broken in IE
Just checked out the site in Internet Explorer and it looks more broke than kl0wn.

Will fix it. Anyone good with working around the IE box model and fancies looking at my CSS by all means do :)
Tutorials online
Added the first tutorial to the xbox section, this is a wip for common causes of the xbox error numbers, includes explanations of the main causes and how to fix.
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